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Immigrants Are Not The Enemy sticker

Immigrants are not the Enemy a slogan that is ringing in my mind ever since the beginning of Donald Trump’s election campaign. Xenophobic politicians are a greater threat to the masses and our wealth, than refugees from war and economic circumstances.

Original letterpressed poster typeset by Nick and Erin at Wasp Print/Radix Press for a propaganda party part of the We Are All In This Together exhibition held at the Maas Gallery at SUNY Purchase, NY. Copies of the poster are also available in the Justseeds store here.

Stickers are sold individually for $2
in packs of 3 stickers for $5

Printed at Contagious Graphics.

Has anyone asked…?

Has anyone asked…?

September 15, 2008

Does capitalism work? I need someone to explain this crisis to me, cos I can’t seem to figure out who gains with this most recent economic calamity. Anyone?