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In This Together


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Out of stock

Water is life

Not alone

Stronger Together

Made of Water

This print was made using a combination of techniques. The background water is a halftone rendered from a photo taken while wading into the warm summer waters of Georgian Bay in Lake Huron. The foreground droplets were made with ink and brush, and each shade of metallic ink was hand mixed to create a tonal balance between the various colours.

I was drawn to using metallic inks and gloss varnish for this print as they continuously change depending upon how the light falls upon them. The background comes in and out of focus and inverts as we change our perspective. Simultaneously, the many drops that make up the whole become more muted, and then sparkle and shine out different colours by changing one’s position to the print.

These prints are from a very small number of remainders from our Community Supported Art subscription program in 2018. We only have a few of these prints available!

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