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Justseeds: Community Supported Art 2017


Two different payment options!
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We’ve filled our 2017 CSA subscriptions! 

Earth Protectors: Global Movements against Climate Change

This year’s election will radically transform many people’s political activity, but defending what we have and fighting for change is not just a reaction to the current regime. We’re in it for the long haul, which means that our work has to be rooted in deep, transformative cultural practices that sustain us – including the visual and graphic landscape that we surround ourselves with. This is why the Justseeds Artists Cooperative has come together to offer another year of Community Supported Art.

What would you say to powerful and inspirational political artworks showing up in your mailbox throughout the year? Just like the CSAs that deliver fresh vegetables to your doorstep, our Community Supported Art subscription will provide you with fresh and exciting new art for every month of the year. Subscribers are helping Justseeds build capacity, assisting the work we do in support  of social and environmental movements- and getting twelve exclusive original prints!  By subscribing to Justseeds Community Supported Art you will receive 12 original prints from 12 different Justseeds Artists.

Given the escalation of struggles over pipelines, fracking, and tar sands, the upsurge of resistance by Indigenous earth and water protectors at Standing Rock and in Idle No More, and the ominous threats of the new US regime, our theme for 2017’s Justseeds CSA will be “Earth Protectors: Global Movements against Climate Change.” We hope to illuminate and amplify the voices of those struggles in this project, and in the rest of the work that we do.

Becoming a member of Community Supported Art 2016 will not only get you some amazing artwork, but will help sustain the work we do at Justseeds. The money we raise through subscriptions will go to fund future projects and the day in, day out work we consistently do tying environmental and social justice issues to graphics and compelling art. You will also be supporting an organization that is 100% artist run/owned and collectively operated. Justseeds artists are the ones filling orders, answering your emails, organizing projects, and packing the prints that get sent to you.

CSA members will have three new prints shipped to their house in four installments throughout the year. With each print, you will receive a statement about the print from the artist, connecting you with the artist’s intention, inspiration, and backstory. Edition size will be limited to 50. If we do have leftover prints, we will sell those individually on our site in 2017. If the artist chooses to reprint the image they will create a variation to keep this edition unique to CSA members.

This year’s participating artists are listed below!

Thank you for believing in what we do!

Associated Artists

Ecology & AnimalsEnvironment & ClimateIndigenous ResistanceInspirationSocial Movements