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QTEAM Collective

Out of Stock

Out of stock

A creepy, culty poster about loving broad queer communities, that are useful and exciting for folks of all ages.

QTEAM is a Montreal-based radical queer collective committed to anti-imperialism, anti-racism, short shorts, queering activist spaces and politicizing queer spaces, the downfall of single-issue politics, raging pervy queer dance parties, destroying all prisons, opening all borders, burning pink dollar$, and keeping on keeping on. Posters printed with black, teal & gold ink on off-white paper. Part of their summer 2010 poster series.

My Primo Jose

My Primo Jose

August 27, 2021

I was very fortunate to be one of the five artists chosen for this year’s Tipping Points project at the Tamarind Institute, sponsored by the City of Albuquerque’s Public Art…