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Life Is Short

Laurel Bell & Kevin Caplicki

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Here's a sticker version of a design I made for the 2013 exhibition, Uprisings: Images of Labor. I chose to evaluate whether "work" is a valuable way to spend time, reinterpreting World War II slogans "Time is short" and "Make every minute count", for my contribution to the "labor" themed exhibition concurrent with the SGCI- Southern Graphics Council International.

The original print was designed by Laurel Bell and myself, entirely handmade with films cut from rubylith, stencils, and spraypaint, then printed cooperatively with Jesse Purcell, Laurel Bell, and others.

Images from this Justseeds collaborative installation at "Uprisings: Images of Labor". Union Art Gallery, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, March, 2013.

Full size poster available right here.

This version was made durably by the fine folks at Contagious Graphics.

Stickers are sold individually for $2 or in packs of 5 for $6

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