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Love is The Sun (Yellow)

Two male deer are gazing at each other in a river with the phrase “love is the sun” beneath them. Originally, I made this print for my friends’ wedding. A friend who saw the print asked if it was a print about the right for gay marriage. I hadn’t even realized that I had made both deers male. As soon as they said that, I realized it is a much better print with this richer meaning. It’s a print about the power of love (much forgotten in our constant state of war) and about marriage equality. Slogan (love is the sun) written by Peter Glantz. This is a 6 color print with layers of woodblock print, linoleum block print, and spray paint stencil.

Ridin’ Dirty

Ridin’ Dirty

April 14, 2009

Got caught on camera ridin’ dirty over the weekend… check out these dirty pictures!!! (read below for much more)