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Maestro Carlos Cortez


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Carlos Cortez was my mentor and symbolized for me what it was to be a true artist of the people. He was a poet, graphic artist, photographer, muralist and political activist with the Industrial Workers of the World.

I met Carlos in Los Angeles in 1998 and I was immediately inspired by his beautiful spirit. Ten days after Carlos passed, I had a vivid dream about him… I was in New York, at a cultural center. I walked into the printmaking room with a large table and loads of woodcutting supplies.

There at the end of the long table, was Carlos , carving away at one of his linocuts. There he was with his long white hair and his big belly. I walked up to Carlos, and he stood and gave me a big hug. He told me to continue working and to keep going, to stay true to the movement. He held me for a long time in his warm hug.

Que Viva el Maestro Carlos Cortez!