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3 Posters Celebrating International Women’s Day and telling the woman-haters to F-off!

March 8, 2012


Happy International Women’s Day to all my sisters out there!
Politicians and conservatives are waging an all out war on women, our bodies, our access to health, our right to birth control, and our right to free, accessible and safe abortion. Everywhere you turn, the right wing is attempting to further limit and hinder our access to our reproductive rights through anti-contraceptive measures.



Most recently, Rush Limbaugh said that women who use birth control are sluts. He went so far to say that women should have to post videos of themselves having sex if insurance companies have to cover birth control. You can read his full comments here.
This is just the latest of attacks on women, and I am fed up.
Patriarchy is destructive to society, it’s a form of violence against women, and there is no place for it in contemporary culture. We have to call it out when it happens.
I decided it was time for some slut positivity and some major ass kicking of these conservative, woman-hating men.
Please share and disseminate. High res versions available here:


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4 comments on “3 Posters Celebrating International Women’s Day and telling the woman-haters to F-off!”

FAVIANNA!!! So much gratitude for these posters! I have been outraged and have felt powerless and as if I don’t have a voice in regards to these challenges women face of systematic oppression. You have given me a voice and your artwork makes me feel powerful! Thank you for allowing of the download of the posters. I did post them digitally. And thank you to Justseeds for supporting and caring about women’s rights! Wow! This feels so good! Happy International Women’s Day!!!! Keep doing what you do Favianna and JustSeeds!

These are awesome Favi! The middle one is genius.
My only request is for another poster that says “I’m a slut and I don’t vote, because I’m doing a dozen things that are going to fuck your patriarchal bullshit up more than voting ever could.”