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Melt Ice


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This poster was inspired by a number of criss-crossing events and ideas. On the one hand, stylistically, I've been looking at old Works Progress Administration (WPA) posters, particularly their ability to communicate clear and strong ideas without the use of black or any dark trapping color to hold the design together. So many of us contemporary political poster makers revert to dumping easy solid outlines around our images in order to contain and frame them and give an additional graphic punch; I wanted to challenge myself to try to make some images without using this graphic device.

In addition, at the time this was printed (2009) Obama had been recently elected, a lot of words had flown around about a new WPA and more money being dumped into the arts. Little was aid about what the content of said new WPA art would be. This was my call to demand that if there is arts funding, it be used to support those most marginalized in our society and to help strengthen worker's organization. I want total liberation, not piecemeal reforms and a better existence for artists while others lose jobs, food, and life.


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