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The American Cheetah! Miracinonyx was a fleet beast trammeling the great plains of this continent, a big cat shaped vaguely like the cheetahs of Africa and Iran, which went extinct during the great Pleistocene winnowing of species, in the aftermath of human arrival. Some people say that they are the reason for the ridiculous speed of the still extant Pronghorn antelope- a species that is so much faster than any predator left alive that it begs the question: what are you running from?

I cut and printed this image during my residency at Ucross in Wyoming- surrounded by the grasslands Miracinonyx once ran, and which remain full of Pronghorn.

This is a complicated thing- two blocks, one printed a single time, one cut down for four subsequent printings in a reduction process. All printing by hand, so there are small variations between individual prints.

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