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No to Racism!


This screen print is a collaboration with fellow Justseeds member and friend Thea Gahr.  It was designed for the Social Medicine Consortium which launched an antiracism campaign the spring of 2018.  Founding member of the Social Medicine Consortium Dr. Michelle Morse writes…

“The Social Medicine Consortium is rooted in the belief that inequity kills, and that together we can achieve health equity by constructing systems that demand justice, recognize our global interconnectedness, and enable the next generation of health professionals.  In doing this work we are committed to engaging in humble relationships that recognize our limitations and privileges, acknowledging pervasive historical injustices and pursuing collective liberation through shared struggle. We seek proximity to suffering and create coalitions that transcend traditional lines of power, and utilize disruptive activism to redistribute power and center marginalized voices.”

“We have participated in and been complicit with broken health systems whose principles and systems don’t lead to healthier communities.

We have heard the voices of patients throughout the world whose tragic stories of sickness plead for more just, equitable health systems and care.

We have witnessed politics that tolerate xenophobia, racism, sexism, and unregulated capitalism without any accountability.

We have observed economic and social systems that routinely fail to affirm the dignity of all humans and ignore the tremendous assets of all communities.

We have trained in educational systems that acknowledge very little or none of this.

We refuse to stand by and let this happen.

Social Medicine is our response.

Onward!  Naas’go!”