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NYC I Love/Hate to Hate/Love You Stickers



The paradox of living in the Big Apple, these stickers reflect my feelings towards my home. The outrageous rent, noise, masses of people, tourism, film industry, brutal police, social control, anxiety, egocentrism and position at the helm of global capitalism only scratch the surface of reasons to hate it. The people, mutual aid, cultural production and institutions, bike-ability, subway, radical history, waterways and Interference Archive are only few of the reasons why I love it. It's home, and we love to complain about it.

Get one of each sticker for $3

Get 10 stickers (5 each design) for $10




February 16, 2023

Handmade sign made of different colored tape providing directions away from a residential area to state roads.



August 27, 2022

DO NOT DRIVE ON SIDEWALK. Portland, OR. August 2022. Thanks to Roger Peet for this contribution to the DIYDPW series! DIYDPW is a frequent, irregular blog post highlighting global examples…



July 6, 2022

DEAD END. Walkill, NY. June 2022. Someone installed this in hopes people wouldn’t turn down their short road that has no outlet forcing vehicles to make a u turn in…