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Our City! Our Streets!: Self Determination and Public Space in NYC

Interference Archive


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Our City! Our Streets! explores various struggles over public space in New York City since the 1960s, and engages with past and contemporary strategies used by activists to reclaim or reimagine urban infrastructures. This publication and the accompanying exhibit installed at Interference Archive in 2022 are a tribute to those who have resisted top-down city-planning processes; its purpose is to honor collective fights against displacement, privatization, and municipal overreach in NYC.

This publication is also available in Spanish HERE.

Table of Contents:
Food Justice
Housing Justice
Street Justice
The Struggle Continues
Also includes QR codes that link to audio collages featuring Brooklyn urban farmers

Curation and narrative: Nora Almeida, Josh van Biema, Rachel Jones, Marco Lanier, Maya Chang Matunis, Lana Pochiro, Hallel Yadin

Translation: Gaby López Dena

Original Illustrations: Sophie Holin

Audio Collages: Rachel Garber Cole

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