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Outgrowing Homeland Insecurity



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This print was created to be part of a zine with ten other artists/creators/printmakers called “ONLINOCUT PRESENTS: CARVING OUT A COLLECTIVE FUTURE”. We decided to create something to put out what we are individually going through and mostly, a way to lay out the collective struggle and weight of the world. With the uprising of the Black Live Matters movement, whilst enduring impacts of a global pandemic and distance from our loved ones.

The intention of “Outgrowing Homeland Insecurity” is to ask what is holding us back? What creates fear and inhibits our community from moving beyond institutions and systems designed to suppress us.

Free West Papua

Free West Papua

August 12, 2020

I am truly honored to be joining Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative with an opportunity to uplift issues tied to my heart strings. In our pivotal moment in history for Black lives…