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Perfect Victim


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Ok - so I have to admit I am one of Shakira's biggest fans. I like almost all of her stuff up until she started singing in English. There is a song of hers - "Las de la Intuición." What's even better though is a line she has in the song, which is about giving in completely to love and desire. The song says:

"...Yo me propongo ser de ti

Una victima casi perfecta..."

Translated that means: "I propose to be your almost perfect victim"

I heard this song for the first time in Japan in 2006, when I was hanging out with some Peruvian Japanese folks at a Latino bar. It's still one of my favorites. This print is about what she sings about. I used the same image but offset it a few times, to create the feeling of chaos, a beautiful chaos that is. I completed this piece on a Vandercook letterpress, using linoleum blocks and a polymer plate.