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Pound the Pavement #12


Out of Stock

Out of stock

Another issue of my infrequent pet zine project, Pound the Pavement. This one is a selection of 13 postcards reprinting posters and graphics I’ve made over the past decade. Some have been very popular and used far and wide, some are new or reworked versions, and some have barely or never been seen. Pound the Pavement has always been a fun project for me, so this was an opportunity to get these graphics back into circulation and make a cool little object: a hand cut, assembled, and stamped box.

These are the cards in here:

Autonomy (2000)

Revolution of Everyday Life (2003)

Make Art Not War (2004)

Buck the System (2006)

¡Oaxaca Presente! (2006)

No Fence Uncut/No Wall Unclimbed (2006)

Apartheid IsReal (2007)

Mayday 2007 (2007)

End of an Era (2007)

Stop Uranium Mining (2007)

History (2008)

Run Faster Comrade (2008)

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