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Prisons are a Black Hole


Out of Stock

Out of stock

I was scribbling in my notebook and this phrase just came to me, and what better to illustrate then an infinite loop of darkness constructed out of all the colors in our lives. This was also another experiment pushing my knowledge and capacity on the risograph. The poster seems simple, but is actually constructed of six different colors, so the paper was run through the machine six times.

For those not familiar with risograph printing, the paper is pulled into the machine by a grooved rubber wheel, which collects ink and leaves track marks on the prints. When you have a lot of dense ink coverage, it is very difficult to avoid this. So if you order a print, don't be surprised by a set of thin horizontal lines running through the print. See detail image below on the far right.

Because of the heavy ink build-up on these prints, you may receive a print that is still just a little bit sticky to the touch in the darkest areas!

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