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Rodney Watson (IVAW)

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This is a print I did for an upcoming portfolio project Justseeds is doing in collaboration with Iraq Veterans Against the War. The portfolio is building off the Operation Exposure: War is Trauma street campaign we did with IVAW in Chicago last fall, images of that campaign can be seen here.

The text reads:
“I’d rather do my time in jail than be a party to the racism I saw in Iraq. As an African-American, I grew up with racism. But in Iraq, I saw the same kind of abuse and mistreatment, only this was U.S. enlisted soldiers and American contractors, like security forces, abusing Iraqis.”

Rodney Watson
29 year old Army Spc. from Kansas City, MO. served 12 months in Iraq. He has refused to return and is currently seeking refuge in Vancouver, Canada.

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