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Social Movement Symbols

Last year (2017) in Toronto, ON, Justseeds members Jessee Purcell & Mary Tremonte set up Village Print Shop as part of Monument To The Century of Revolutions, an exhibtion curated by Nato Thompson in collaboration with Russian art collective Chto Delat for Nuit Blanche 2017. For 12 hours from 7pm to 7am Mary, Jesse and friends assisted visitors to the shipping container in pulling thousands of screen prints throughout the night.

This collaborative design was made using historical social movement iconography, and was printed as wallpaper during the Nuit Blanche event.


Mihaly Biro

Mihaly Biro

May 24, 2010

(May Day 1919, Budapest) I just found a book on Hungarian artist/designer Mihaly Biro. I don’t read Magyar so I can only supply scant biographical details: he was born in…