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This Way Out



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I make a lot of images that have depth to them, a receding horizon where I like to put small elements that inform and expand on the ideas in the foreground. This image is an experiment in making an image almost totally flat.

Did you know that humans are the only vertebrate species that makes traps? Lots of invertebrates do, like the Argiope Orb-weaver spider shown in this linoleum print. Humans are unique in the vertebrate realm in their ability to create these structures that are essentially embodiments of imagination, the frozen idea of a possible event, lying in wait in the landscape. Once you start imagining all the traps we've set, both for our targets and for ourselves, it can be hard to stop.

This image was hand-carved into a Gomuban rubber printmaking plate, and printed by hand on handmade Okawara kozo paper. Edition of 50 prints, signed and numbered.

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