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Watch Out



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This is a companion piece to a poster I designed and printed in solidarity with the 2nd International Copwatch Conference which took place on Anishnaabe and Métis territories, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada from July 22 to 24 of 2011 at the University of Winnipeg. You can get the conference poster here by donating $20 to Winnipeg Copwatch.

Surveillance is a french composite word sur- "over" + veiller "watch". On the other hand the term "sousveillance" sous- "under" + veiller "watch" seeks to challenge state power by turning the cameras back upon the watcher. The slew of video footage coming out of the violent crack down upon the Occupy movement is an excellent example of this technique. It clearly demonstrates the amount of force police feel emboldened to unleash upon the people. Organization such as Copwatch seek to draw the links between the repression of collective political action and the brutality faced by marginalized communities everyday. This poster serves as a warning to police that we are everywhere and we might be recording their every move.

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