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We Are All In This Together: exhibition catalog

Justseeds Collaboration


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We Are All In This Together is a survey of 10 years of Justseeds member production in solidarity with social movements. This catalog was produced from an exhibition curated by Interference Archive volunteers and Justseeds member Kevin Caplicki, and contains 48 pages of color photographs of the installation and graphics. Narrowed down to 7 themes, raging from Anti-war to Gender Justice to Migration, it illustrates the role artists play in grassroots organizing. The original exhibition was held at the Purchase College-SUNY, in the Fall of 2017.

Design of the catalog was created by Community Design, a hands-on design studio class at Purchase College-SUNY, with Madeline Freidman as lead designer.

Accompanying texts written by the Interference Archive curators; Nora Almeida, Kevin Caplicki, Bonnie Gordon, Amber Hickey, Amy Roberts, Melissa Sions and Michelle Wilson.



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