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We are not in the least afraid of ruins…

This was a collage originally; I made it right after I heard that a town I had called home for 8 years was under several feet of toxic flooded water. It sat hidden in my studio for a few years and I just dug it out. In the context today of the collapsing market, this print’s meaning expands…and I am also thinking a lot about what I want a better world to look like, and gardening and growing and relearning, and recycling, and growing from rubble; the cycle of life and death really strikes me right now. I realized that the Durruti quote seemed to connect some of what I was thinking and feeling when I made that collage to what I’ve been thinking about recently, and that with fewer words and more line, texture and color, maybe this print is the closest I have come at the moment to expressing some of these jumbled thoughts. I’ve also been reading some of Ursula M. Franklin’s book Pacifism as a Map and the way she talks about justice, peace, and technology also really connects with me. This is a 4 color process print from a multiple layered and colored print collage. On a nice creamy mid-weight paper.


Art of Democracy

Art of Democracy

September 11, 2008

The New York Society of Etchers is currently organizing THE ART OF DEMOCRACY exhibition of political and socially relevant prints as one of the National Coalition co-organizers for presentation this…