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We Can Do it!

Mike Fluggenock


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This is an interesting anomaly, a protest poster for a protest that never happened. Planned for the last weekend in September in 2001, this was looking to be a huge demonstration, still riding the cresting wave of the counter-globalization movement. But some fascist religious zealots struck against the Empire on September 11th, and the following crackdown and chill scuttled all protest plans. These posters were printed by the now-defunct C&D Printshop in Chicago (which had been set up in the 1970s as the in-house shop for the New Communist group, the Sojourner Truth Organization), and feature artwork by popular D.C.-based lefty illustrator Mike Fluggenock.

The proceeds of the sales of this poster will go to support the work of Interference Archive.

These posters are near 20-years-old, and although they are in surprisingly good condition, they show some signs of wear.