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After Arizona’s governor signed an anti-immigrant bill, SB 1070 into law in April 2010, making it legal to racially profile in the state, a movement of organizers around the country rose up to fight it. I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona on Mother's Day as part of a women's delegation to document the women and children of the local grassroots movement.

While in Phoenix, I heard the story of 10 year old Catherine. She is a little girl who witnessed her parents being taken away and deported by ICE (Immigration Customs & Enforcement). She spoke of the extreme sadness she experienced, the nights she could not sleep because she would wonder where her parents were. I was so outraged that I decided to document her story. In this poster, she is shown with alongside her mother who returned to the US after she was deported and separated from her daughter. The images above them are from the pro-immigrant rallies in Washington DC and Phoenix, AZ.