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Wounded Knees


I originally created this poster for the Wounded Knees show at the 2008 All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival. It’s a reworking of the record cover I did for their All Rise 10″, playing off 19th century labor themes. Wounded Knees is a great band, made up of Suzanne Thorpe and Jimmy Shields. They’ve both been in a ton of great rock and experimental bands…


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Teko Sãso

Teko Sãso

May 8, 2011

My friends Bettina and Devon in Chicago have recently released a new album as Teko Sãso, a 2-piece anarchist folk death metal band! Their first record, 11/11, is based on…

CPH Re-Use

CPH Re-Use

March 22, 2009

Chris from 56A Infoshop in London just sent me a hilarious conversation going on over at UK Indymedia regarding a poster which re-purposes my Durruti Column Celebrate People’s History poster….