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Your Lifevest is Under Your Feet


I’ve enjoyed harvesting and processing medicinal plants for a long time, in a variety of areas, and only recently realized that I’ve never made any art about them. This is hopefully the first in a series of homages to plants that have helped me out, featuring Osha, or Bear-root (also known as Chuchupate or, most wonderfully, Empress of the Dark Forest). I’ve tinctured this wild relative of celery and carrots to make a tonic for the wintertime. The slogan came to me, as usual, on a long bike ride.

This was printed on a Vandercook letterpress at PNCA and at Flight 64 studios in Portland, OR, from two linoleum blocks and a single silkcreen layer.

15″ x 22″
Letterpressed 2-color Linocut with Screenprint
Cranes Lettra fine printmaking paper

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