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Zirahuen is a beautiful lake in the state of Michoacán, Mexico. The same cognitive dissidence that threatens the entire living world, is also endangering this lake. Sold as a "green road" by the government who was paid by the privileged, wealthy and irresponsible, unjustly took the land of the indigenous Purapechas to put in golf courses, cut the forest for mono crop avocado growers and began allowing motorboats on the once clean and tranquil lake. It is the second time in recent history that the land has been pillaged for it's resources and the voices of the indegenous silenced. In the 1950's the old growth forest was clear cut for it's wood and left naked which caused massive erosion and the loss of wild life, plant life and fish life as well as a peoples' way of life. Slowing over time the Purapechas replanted their forest only to have it once again cut against their will and wishes for foreign investment in Avocado growers. The Purapechas who have spoken for their rights, livelihoods, and land have been under constant threat of death, disappearance and torture. We can collectively stand against the violence and start bringing sanity into resource management where we consider the wholistic systems over the voice of greed. We can listen to the wisdom of peoples' who have lived in reciprocity with the land for thousands of years.

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