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Russian Revolution Postcard Set

October 25, 2009


“1917, Day of the Revolution, soldiers on [maybe a street name?]”
This is a postcard set detailing the Revolution(s) of 1917 in Russia. Someone was auctioning these awhile ago and I kept the images. The October (Bolshevik) Revolution was only 92 years ago today!
My great grandparents were Armenians in the Russian military on the Turkish front, and had to flee the country following the revolution. I only bring this up because these images seem like forever ago, but my grandmother was with them and is still alive—this all happened within a lifetime! Anyway, my Russian is pretty spotty, and I am especially bad at reading cursive (also the resolution on these images is not so good) but here are some vaguely, hopefully, accurate translations!


This second set of postcards is mixed. The upper left postcard is also, I believe, on the day of the October Revolution. Clockwise from there is a demonstration in March of 1917. Below that, “…funeral for the victims of the revolution….” is all I can make out. And finally is “Marcher’s Square(?). People’s Festival. May 1st 1917.” The banner in the middle says ‘Land and Freedom.’

These are all from the October Revolution, I believe. Clockwise from top left: ?, then vehicle (looks like Lenin in the passenger seat), bonfire (the burning of stamps?), and finally the arresing of the government at the Duma(?).

And finally, on the left, crowd surrounding a courthouse during the October Revolution, and on the right is a May Day demonstration (pre-Bolshevik Revolution) on May Day 1917 outside of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

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2 comments on “Russian Revolution Postcard Set”

“Marcher’s Square(?). People’s Festival. May 1st 1917.”
Mars Square (Marsovo Pole), named after the Roman god of war Mars
I know, cause i’m just from St.Petes:)

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