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Street Art etc… Europe last summer

May 12, 2009

These are pictures Katie B. took while on tour with my band last summer in Europe, some highlights of street art, graf. and alternative spaces.


Stencil on left from Hamburg, the right from Germany somewhere.


Left is a mural in Leipzig and right a stencil in Grenoble.


Maybe these were both in Flensburg(?).


Left in Flensburg (maybe) and the right in Hamburg.


This is a mural outside of where we played in Potsdam. The skateboarder smashing the swastika was a really intricate stencil.


These are images of the Schwarzer Kanal wagenplatz, a queer land squat in central Berlin where we played. It was a really beautiful day and it was an inspiring place to get to be in.


This is the punkapocalypse, the Kopi, another squat in Berlin where we played.


On the left is the squat Les Boulons which was a really lovely place with a beautiful tree filled courtyard in Lyon, France. It has since been evicted (boo hoo!). On the right is the infoshop in the Athénée Libertaire in Bordeaux, Fr. (which was started by Spanish Republicans in the 60s I believe). I bought an art book there and the worker said (in english), “You know this is written in French, right?”.


And these are pictures of an anarchist library in Amsterdam that was really bright, beautiful and colorful. They had a juice bar!

Katie B. has a flickr, check it out!


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