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Firebrands Book Release Party: Friday in Brooklyn!



We’re having a book release for our new book Firebrands: Portraits from the Americas!
Come hang out, enjoy some refreshments, and see illustrations from the book on display!
Friday, July 23
7:30-10:00 PM
BOOK THUG NATION, Used Bookstore/Community Space
100 N3rd St Between Berry St and Wythe Ave Williamsbug, Brooklyn.
Brooklyn, NY

Curated by the Justseeds Artists’ Collective, Firebrands is full of peoples’ history, and dangerous information. These beautifully illustrated mini-poster pages showcase radicals, dissidents, folk singers, and rabble-rousers, from Emma Goldman to Tupac, Pablo Neruda to Fred Hampton. As say editors Shaun Slifer and Bec Young in the introduction, the book “is especially made for anyone who has sat, trembling with frustration and disappointment in history class, or reading a text book heavily edited of anything interesting or useful. It’s for all our ancestors, especially for the ones left out of or misrepresented in said textbook, because they were too brown, too female, too poor, too queer, too uneducated, too disabled, or because they felt or thought too much.” This is a real people’s history, a book packed with dynamite, desire, and, above all, courage.

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