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2010 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar is now available!

September 7, 2009


Support indigenous resistance!
I just got an email today from the folks at Certain Days announcing the completion of the 2010 calendar. A number or justseeds members contributed work, it’s an honor to participate in such a worthwhile and timely project.
It is available now at and it will be arriving at Justseeds headquarters later this week
Global Indigenous Resistance
Indigenous resistance to colonialism is a fundamental aspect of any struggle for liberation taking place on stolen native land. Prisons are an integral part of the colonial web of domination – evidenced in the over-representation of indigenous people in both the Canadian and U.S. prison systems – and political imprisonment continues to be a key tool of repression against anti-colonial movements.
While this theme is a fitting one for a political prisoner calendar at any time, we chose to highlight it this year when the call went out from Coast Salish territory for Resistance 2010. In February, the Winter Olympics will be held on the unceded indigenous territory which Canada claims as the province of British Columbia, with dire implications for the people and the land. An impressive indigenous-led effort is underway that also includes opposition to the G8 Leader’s Summit, and a meeting of NAFTA leaders as part of the so-called “Security and Prosperity Partnership.” Resistance 2010 organizing
seeks to bring together analysis and resistance against colonialism, imperialism, and global capital.


We have expanded the focus of Certain Days beyond the U.S. and Canada to feature art and articles representing some of the many indigenous liberation movements around the world. Although we can only begin to hint at the breadth and depth of this resistance on a global scale, including these stories is also a rejection of borders – imaginary lines across stolen land – as Alvaro Luna Hernandez’s article on Chicano/Mexicano struggle so aptly describes.
Our contributors give an overview of indigenous resistance in the Basque territories, Palestine, Puerto Rico and Turtle Island (North America). We continue to be inspired by ongoing resistance around us: land reclamations by the Mohawks of Six Nations and Tyendinaga, the refusal of the Akwesasne Mohawk community to allow armed border guards on their territory, a peaceful protest by women from three First Nations at Dump Site 41 in northern Ontario, the rejection of a
government-supported coup by the Algonquins of Barriere Lake, and the ongoing logging blockade at Grassy Narrows, now in its seventh year – all of which have been met with intense criminalization and repression by the Canadian state.

We offer this year’s Certain Days calendar as our contribution to
Resistance 2010, as a reminder that no liberation movement of any kind
can lead to true freedom without dismantling colonialism.
The Certain Days collective
Amy Schwartz, Helen Hudson, karen emily, and Sara Falconer
Certain Days is a fundraiser. The proceeds from Certain Days 2010 will
be divided among these groups:

check out more images on their facebook page.


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