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218: This—is Grenada

June 8, 2015

No in-depth analysis this week, but a peek at one really cool book, inside and out. Frances Kay’s This—is Grenada is a beautiful self-published travel book from 1966. After skimming the book a couple times, I’m still unsure if Kay is from this small Caribbean island or is a long-time transplant. She definitely put an immense amount of love and care into this publication, writing and illustrating it, as well as compiling a classified directory in the back to help pay for the printing. The paperback book has a sewn binding and both the images and text are struck from plates, making it a really handsome object.





The book is full of nice personal touches like this one. It’s a far distance from a Lonely Planet guidebook, but I think I prefer this old-school style.
Stay tuned for more of my regular “Judging Books” posts once we launch the new Justseeds site this Fall…

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