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Activist Art at COP 21 Climate Conference Paris 2015

December 6, 2015

This is what making art with a hundred-plus people looks like. One of the hub spaces for artists to crank out work for the countless number of demos taking place in Paris during the COP 21 Climate Talks is in Montreuil – and the space is an inspiration in itself. Here are photos of the non-stop banner making. Solnit is putting us to work. Note the photos of Aaron Hughes who took a detour from his speaking tour in Europe to help out. Note also Tools for Action. And the folks from Black Mesa. Just a handful of the many groups working here to amplify their message via art.


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One comment on “Activist Art at COP 21 Climate Conference Paris 2015”

Looking awesome! Nice to see the Mai 68 arrow graphic getting re-used, seems appropriate for Paris. Excited to see this in action, and what you bring home!

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