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Andrew Morgan, Rest in Peace

June 24, 2005

At around 1pm today, members of Visual Resistance installed a “ghost bike” on the corner of Houston St. and Elizabeth St. in Manhattan. A bicycle, spraypainted white, and a small stenciled plaque were attached to a street sign as a memorial to Andrew Morgan, a 25-year old bicyclist who was killed by a truck at the same spot on Wednesday, June 22.
The memorial is the third of its kind. The first was installed June 15 in memory of Elizabeth Padilla, a 28-year old bicyclist killed during her morning commute in Park Slope. The second was installed June 21 in memory of Brandie Bailey, killed May 8 on Houston St. and Avenue A on her way home from work.
As noted in the comments to a previous post, Houston St. is the most dangerous stretch of road for bicyclists in New York City. Bicycle advocacy groups like Transportation Alternatives, Time’s Up!, and others are working overtime to lobby the city for more physical infrastructure to keep bicyclists safe. And a growing network of artists and activists — of which Visual Resistance is a part — are working to raise awareness of bicyclists’ right to safe travel.
Anyone interested in getting involved, email us at visual.resistance[at], or keep checking this site for more information.
Creating and installing a ghost bike is heart-wrenching every time. It’s a project we would like not to have to continue. But we will create memorials as long as they are needed, in respectful memory of each life lost. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Andrew Morgan, Liz Padilla, and Brandie Bailey.
Background: Ghost Bike Project.
Photos from the memorial vigil available here.


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3 comments on “Andrew Morgan, Rest in Peace”

unfortunately someone else thought it wasnt the appropriate way to do so, i just heard a rumour that the bike was, just recently, removed:(

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