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Babylon Falling Tumblr

January 25, 2011

My friend Sean Stewart ran a bookstore in San Francisco for a couple years called Babylon Falling. He’s since moved to NYC, and is hard at work on a new book, On The Ground: An Illustrated Anecdotal History of the Sixties Underground Press in the U.S. (due out on PM Press in the Fall.)
He’s currently got a great tumblr/website up HERE. It’s a stroll through political counter-culture, from the 60s to the present. The image to the left I pulled off his site, it’s from the 1969 Harvard Student Strike.

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One comment on “Babylon Falling Tumblr”

I have been following babylon falling tumblr for a while and since he stopped posting i have been in search of a way to contact him as I would love to buy some of his posters. I know this post is from 2012 but hopefully you are able to help me find him.

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