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Broken Social Scene-Meet me in the basement fan video

July 16, 2010

A video to take you into the weekend:

“This video was made as a response to the G20 Summit in Toronto June, 2010.”

Broken Social Scene-Meet me in the basement (from their latest album, Forgiveness Rock Record)

The rest speaks for itself.
It was sent to us by a lover of our music who wants to remain anonymous.
We are very proud to share this mash-up with you.
– Broken Social Scene

A sped up version of the news cycle, not exactly sure what media like this is supposed to provoke. How does condensing this material repurpose it from news to social commentary?
I’ve always got so many questions, and looking for folks with answers!

This always got me in trouble in CCD class as a kid.


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One comment on “Broken Social Scene-Meet me in the basement fan video”

My two cents. Well, for starters, he/she is not just speeding up the news cycle. There are some very deliberate choices being make in terms of material, combination of a consumer culture, children’s games, pop culture and I have no idea who the fuck that puppet band is, but just the juxtapositioning of that with all of the violence and tragedy kinda gives me a sense like all of this insanity is being positioned as part of the visio-cultural wall-paper. It’s there, constant yet seeps into the background. It is naturalized to some degree, forgotten. But a the same time, I also get the feel like there is an equalization. This is all fucked up. And I put little boys learning how to show automatic weapons and little girls being taught how to have an eating disorder up there with the BP spill. Very different but they all have long-term effects. And when our daughters are learning that their livelihood depends on how cute their dress is or how small their ass is, they can’t focus their energies on how to avoid or get our asses out of things like the BP spill.
And then there is the superhero theme that was present, and the use of fiction narrative movie clips, so alluding to the silliness that the government is going to sweep in and “save” us all with their super-duper powers, when this all is a shit-load more complicated then all that and requires everyone to wake up and adjust their vision so they can see and assess and act upon what is really going on out there in the world.
But this is all off the top of my dome and I am in danger of being late for work, so maybe I’ll look at it later and go, wow, what the fuck was I thinking. Only one way to find out.
For Now- The answer: There is no answer. Only more questions. Which is the whole goddamn point of art in my opinion. Now, time for breakfast.



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