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Center for Urban Pedagogy call for Advocates

June 3, 2009

The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) is looking for advocates, organizations, and researchers with complex policy issues that need visual explanation. We seek advocates with a constituency who would directly benefit from an issue of Making Policy Public.

Making Policy Public is a program that pairs advocacy and policy
organizations with graphic and information designers to produce
foldout publications that make complicated policy issues accessible.
The goal is to find organizations with issues that will advance a
worthy advocacy effort but that will also engage and educate a broader
public. Advocates chosen through the juried process get 1000 copies of
the color publication to distribute directly to their constituents and
an honorarium of $1000

Look at the Making Policy Public site for how it works
2009 Schedule
June 26 Deadline for proposals from organizations
July 16 Policy briefs posted and call for graphic designers posted
August 17 Deadline for applications from graphic designers
September 3 Publication collaborations announced


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