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Dept. of Space & Land Reclamation Interview

November 11, 2011

My friend Daniel Tucker is working on a new research project about art and activism called “Never the Same: Conversations About Art Transforming Politics & Community in Chicago & Beyond.” Over the summer he did a long interview with Emily Forman and myself (Josh MacPhee) about our involvement in organizing in the overlapping spaces of culture and politics in Chicago in the early 2000s. Most of the interview focuses on a project we did called the Department of Space and Land Reclamation (DSLR), which was was a weekend campaign (April 27, 28, and 29th, in 2001) that attempted “to reclaim all the space, land and visual culture of Chicago back to the people who work for it, live in it and create it.” It’s a good interview, give it a read HERE. (Image is of original DSLR poster designed by Kevin Dresser, which can be found HERE.)

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