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Eco-defense in West Virginia

August 31, 2009

Climate Ground Zero is a campaign against mountaintop removal, they currently have a treesit campaign that is being threatened right now by authorities, some participants have been detained. Check out Climate Ground Zero for updates and read below how to support the campaign.

It’s going to take action, continued and direct, to end mountaintop removal in Appalachia. We need to stop the coal companies from laying mountains low, poisoning air and water and ruining livelihoods. Our volunteers have put their bodies on the line to stop the over 3,000,000 pounds of explosives used every day to level West Virginia for coal.
Climate Ground Zero is not another environmental organization. It is an ongoing campaign of non-violent civil disobedience in southern West Virginia to address mountaintop removal coal mining and its effects on our future.
Here in West Virginia, an overwhelming majority of residents are opposed to this destructive form of mining. But our political leaders are afraid of Big Coal and their powerful lobbyists–a few coal state Senators and Representatives of Congress have vowed to block any reforms. Over a century of repression has created a situation where coal operators are exempt from environmental laws and regulations, and a corrupt court system refuses to enforce those laws.
To stop mountaintop removal, we need to awaken the consciousness of the country to this violent crime. Since the beginning of the year, hundreds of activists have come to the coalfields and stood with the residents of West Virginia to demand an end to the destruction. So far, over 90 people have been arrested in a series of actions that have actually stopped the blasting, garnered national media attention and elicited harsh reactions from the coal industry.
Tired of writing e-mails and attending meetings? Put on your boots, hit the road and come stand in solidarity with the people of Appalachia. We are going to keep confronting King Coal until we win, but we can’t do it without you here.
Climate Ground Zero operates a base camp in the heart of the coal mining region of West Virginia.

At our action camp in the coalfields of West Virginia, we provide for you and/or your affinity group a local action prep that includes a variety of trainings on: non-violent direct action, peacekeeping, legal observing, cultural awareness, local history, environmental consequences of mountaintop removal and legal updates.
Climate Ground Zero provides meals and tent space to all participants, but donations of food, supplies and/or money are welcome. Bring what you can, if you can!
Besides direct action participants, we welcome: trained medics and medical professionals, kitchen help, climbers, gardeners, video/photographers and journalists, organizers, hellraisers, back country explorers, orienteers, law students and professionals, computer programmers, scientists, eager-learners and hard workers.
If you’re interested, please contact us. We will ask you to provide two references.
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