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Elizabeth Catlett (1915-2012)

April 4, 2012

I just learned that Elizabeth Catlett died on Monday, at her home in Mexico at the age of 96. Catlett was an outstanding participant of the black arts movement in the US, as well as an early (and long time) member of the Taller de Grafica Popular in her adopted home in Mexico. She was a sculptress and a print-maker; and her masterful synthesis of line, form, and content exerted a huge influence on folks around the world, and especially on many of us involved in Justseeds.

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3 comments on “Elizabeth Catlett (1915-2012)”

I have been a big fan of Elizabeth Catlett ever since I saw this iconic print of hers in the Art Institute of Chicago’s old prints and drawing gallery. It was always a dream of mine to meet her in person. I was, of course, saddened to hear of her death. I am fortunate to own one of her small prints, which was done in the 1950s. I plan to donate it to a local museum so other people will have a chance to get to know her wonderful body of work.

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