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Endangered Species Mural #13: Flying Squirrel

July 9, 2017

The 13th Endangered Species Mural features the Northern Carolina Flying Squirrel, painted with Tricia Tripp on the Merrimon Ave. underpass going into downtown Asheville, NC.

The Northern Carolina flying squirrel is an ice age relic- a resident of the high mountaintops of the Smoky Mountains, isolated from other populations by a changing climate which has restricted the squirrel’s habitat to a dwindling region of high mountain peaks. As the changing climate pushes the squirrel’s habitat further and further up the mountains, they find themselves with nowhere left to go, and unable to glide off into the night to a more suitable place.

This mural completes Asheville’s Gateway Mural series, and it was a real pleasure and honor to work with Tricia and the great crew of people at the Center for Biological Diversity that helped us to put this together. Read more here.


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