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Endangered Species Murals #27: Piping Plover

August 22, 2022

In June I travelled to the town of Selkirk, Treaty 2 territory, Manitoba, Canada, to paint a mural of the endangered Piping Plover. These charming small shorebirds are threatened by waterfront development and habitat destruction throughout their range, as well as just increased general usage and penetration of the grassy, sandy areas where they make their nests by people and their dogs. This is one of those situations where it isn’t necessarily any malfeasance on the part of people that is driving this charismatic species extinct, but the simple manifestation of our increased presence in the landscape. A hard phenomenon to resist!

This was created in one week with an incredible team of artists from Selkirk- Ashley C, Sierrah A, and Lizanne L. The project was sponsored by the Center for Biological Diversity and the Interlake Arts Board. See all of the murals that we’ve created over the past seven years here.

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