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Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project Winter Auction


Online Event Register Here:

Our good friends at the Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project (P+NAP) are hosting a virtual Winter Auction featuring items donated by community members and supporters including Justseeds!

By participating in the auction, you ensure P+NAP can continue to offer classes at Stateville prison and engage in a variety of Chicago-area programming with communities impacted by the carceral state.

Below is a list of items available at P+NAP virtual auction, which will take place on December 11th at 4:00 PM CST. Register for the auction here.

If you would like to donate directly to PNAP, you can do so here.

Available items:

  • Dinner for 4 at the Ayers/Dorhn Residence
  • Private Pilates Workshop for 1-2 People Led by Anna Martine Whitehead
  • A Trip to a Chicago-based Museum of Your Choice With Claire Pentecost
  • A Visit To Your Studio From Claire Pentecost
  • 2-Year, All-Events Pass for 2 People at the Albany Park Theater Project
  • Private Tour of the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. for up to 6 People by Luke Fidler
  • 2 Tickets to the Bulls vs 76ers Game on February 6th; Section 318, Row 5, Seats 1+ 2
  • Quilt by Carol Novak
  • Limited Edition Copies of “Antifa for Kids!” Coloring Book by Fred Sasaki
  • “Mini Dini”: Miniature Food Dinner for 4 Cooked By Tess Landon
  • “Carving Out Rights” Portfolio + Book, Signed by All Editors
  • Living the Long Term Portfolio
  • Handmade Pottery Tray by Clinton Nichols
  • 9 Prints + A Print Set from Just Seeds: “Attica“, “Prisons Break Families Apart“, “National Prisoners Reform Association“, “The Diggers“, “Now“, “Together“, “We Are All In This Together“, “Octavia E. Butler“, “No Pipelines In The Great Lakes”, and Decarceration Poster Set
  • All of Eve Ewing’s Books, Signed by Eve Ewing: “Electric Arches”, “Ghosts in the Schoolyard”, “1919”, “Maya and the Robot”, and “Ironheart”
  • 5 Books Signed by Bill Ayers: “Teaching with Conscience in an Imperfect World”, “Public Enemy: Confessions of an American Dissident”, “School: Questions About Becoming a Teacher”, “Fugitive Days: Memoirs of An Antiwar Activist”, and “Demand the Impossible: A Radical Manifesto”
  • Books Signed by Barbara Ransby
  • 3 Books Signed by Rachel Dewoskin: “Banshee”, “Someday We Will Fly”, and “Two Menus”
  • 3 Books Signed by Zayd Dohrn: “The Profane”, “Sick”, “Reborning”, and “Outside People”
    2 Books Signed by Erica Meiners:”The Feminist and The Sex Offender” + “The New Lessons in Liberation Toolkit” Signed by Erica Meiners
  • 3 Books Signed by Rebecca Zorach: “The Wall of Respect: Public Art and Black Liberation in 1960s Chicago”, “The Time is Now: Art Worlds of Chicago’s South Side 1960 – 1980” by Rebecca Zorach + “Art for People’s Sake: Artists and Community in Black Chicago, 1965 – 1975”
  • “Over the Levee, Under the Plow” Publication Set Organized and Designed by Ryan Griffis and Sarah Kanouse
  • “Stealing the Show” Signed by Miriam Petty
  • “High Rise Stories” Signed by Audrey Petty
  • And more …

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