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We Are All In This Together

Interference Archive & Kevin Caplicki


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The We Are All in This Together exhibition poster incorporates symbols from a variety of social movements struggling for social justice, declaring that we must work in solidarity to accomplish our goals. Designed by member and coordinator of the exhibition, Kevin Caplicki and screenprinted by Rob Swainston Artist/Printmaker/Professor that invited us to exhibit at SUNY Purchase.

We are All In This Together was presented by Interference Archive with the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, used the collection of Interference Archive and materials produced by the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative to explore artists’ solidarity with social movements.

“There is a long tradition of artists as organizers. Artists participate in social justice through their creativity communicating demands and goals with visual works, with their labor in producing multiples, and through creating consumable items for fundraising. We Are All in This Together illustrates the moments when artists have rolled up their sleeves to do the dirty work of organizing. More than providing political commentary or personal response to topical events, many cultural workers have used their trade and skillset in solidarity with social, economic and environmental struggles. The exhibit used Justseeds work that were produced in solidarity with recent struggles, including Standing Rock, the Wisconsin uprising, and BDS, along with ephemera produced by those social movements.”

You can also peek inside the exhibition catalog and purchase copy in the store.