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Free Speech and Freedom felt somewhere, apparently not Denver or Minneapolis

August 26, 2008


Minneapolis Police Detain 3 Independent Journalists, confiscating video equipment, computer, phones, notebooks and money among other personal belongings

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (August 26, 2008) – Minneapolis Police officers detained three journalists early this morning, confiscating each of the their personal belongings including cell phones, video cameras, still cameras, a computer, hard drive, clothing, personal objects and money. The journalists are all members of New York City based Glass Bead Collective and are in town to document the events around the Republican National Convention. Police officer York photographed the three journalists and questioned them individually about their travel plans and what they intended to report on. The officers refused to file an official report of the incident or a receipt of the items taken, claiming that they were allowed to conduct the search and seizure under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security due to security risks leading up to the Republican National Convention.
The journalists were detained and then released after their belongings were seized. The journalists were clear that they did not consent to being searched at any point during the detainment.

Mention of the arrests is on Democracy Now! and will appear in newspapers in the future!
It appears that dissent will be closely scrutinized and monitored this convention season. While outside the DNC pepperball bullets were fired and 91 folks were arrested.
Its not surprising that there are questions like, “Why are they protesting the Democrats?”, being left unanswered. It would be devastating to acknowledge that neither, Republican or Democrat, have “the people’s” interest in mind. I am assured of an upsetting election, unless the momentum progressives are building last beyond November 4th.
Good luck to everyone that takes to the streets of Denver and St. Paul.


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