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Abolish the Body Cops

Here are the first of 3 in a series of “Abolish the Body Cops” posters. It’s a great slogan that can address reproductive justice, sexuality and non-binary gender activism, disability organizing, size-ism, and more.

The poster files are black text on a white background, but the can be printed on colored paper to create a look like the images above.

Creative Commons License

Abolish the Body Cops by Josh MacPhee are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. For IG, please credit @jmacphee


Three versions of an image that has the slogan “Abolish the Body Cops” drawn in an artistic, san-serif style. The first is green, the second is orange, and the third is light blue. Secondary slogans at the bottom of each say, “Reproductive Justice Now,” “Abortion on Demand,” and “Hands off Trans Kids.”

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