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The Police Talk to You…

One of a series of French May 1968 posters originally designed by the Atelier Populaire, reworked and updated for a 21st century context. Like the originals, they are offered here to be used, re-purposed, and reworked.


A black and white line drawing of a helmeted police officer wearing goggles and wielding a rifle. Below, three icons of smart phones each with a logo on it: Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Above, the text says: “THE POLICE TALK TO YOU 24 hours a day. And watch you, too.”

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Amman Street Report

Amman Street Report

May 17, 2024

Justseeds friend Vic Speedwell recently sent over these photos from the streets of Amman. It’s nice to see the diversity of pro-Palestine street art in various sites around the globe.