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Aborto Libre Y Seguro

Rebel Betty Arte

Designed by Rebel Betty Arte for for the “500 Acts for Abortion Access” organized by Chi-ResistsChi Community ThriftWorkshop ApothecaryUnder the Tree, and Justseeds in Chicago.


Three versions of the same graphic – the first version is black and white. A woman’s head looks out at the viewer. She wears a patterned bandana over her nose and mouth and she wears long black braids. Her black eyebrows and eyes are bold against the white background. To her left and right are roses. A slogan is curved above her head, which reads: “Aborto Libre Y Seguro,” and below: “Para Quien lo Desee o Necesite.” In the second version, the bandana is green, the woman’s skin is brown, and the roses and her head bandana are red. The third version is the same except that the entire background is a light pink-lavender color.

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Seattle’s International Working Women’s Day for Palestine and Beyond

March 12, 2024

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