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Acts of Cruelty

Doug Minkler

The U.S., #1 threat to peace.


A gray and black painting montage of flying warplanes, a floating head of a soldier, a flapping U.S. flag attached to his helmet, and a wasteland below filled with barrels of toxic waste, military tanks, and an otherworldly shrieking reptile. Text placed at the top states: “In the last eight years, our government has attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Syria, and has continued to expand its nuclear arsenal. From ground troops to drone strikes, these acts of war are destroying human life in country after country. Inside the U.S., our foreign aggression is eroding civil liberties and bankrupting our communities. U.S. military policy does not make us safer. It only makes us more enemies.”At the bottom, it states: “Number one threat to peace. — D. Minkler, 2016. Poster inspired by David Swanson, author of War IsLie, davidswanson(dot)org. Poster text edited by Gail Wiley.”

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